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Our practice offers a wide range of general dental services to cater for your individual needs.

Comprehensive Oral Examinations and Diagnosis

With years of experience as a dentist, Dr Mark will carefully examine your mouth, taking detailed notes in order to gain a full understanding of any issues you may have.

X-rays, cleaning and other special tests are often carried out in conjunction with the examination, before arriving at a diagnosis.

Thorough Explanations and Discussions of Treatment Options

Once a diagnosis is made, thorough explanations are given to the patient and various treatment options can be discussed. A treatment plan can then be formulated. Patients are not forced into treatments they don’t want nor are they encouraged towards expensive treatments they cannot afford.
On completion of a course of treatment, patients will usually be encouraged to return for regular recall visits at 3, 6 or 12 monthly intervals depending on their requirements.

Oral Hygiene, Prevention and Advice

Dr Mark will spend time to explain ways you can take care of your teeth, gums and mouth to help prevent some of the common oral diseases. By spending some time and effort on your own oral hygiene and attending your dentist for regular check ups, you can prevent the breakdown of your teeth, gums and supporting structures, reduce painful emergencies and save money on extra dental visits and complex treatments.

Scaling and Cleaning, Treatment of Gum Disease

Gum disease is a common condition which can lead to problems such as bleeding, painful gums, gum recession, bone loss and the eventual loss of teeth. Thorough home care with brushing and flossing will help maintain healthy gums. Gum disease can be treated in a number of ways ranging from regular scaling and cleaning to remove plaque and tartar build up from your teeth to more advanced procedures such as root planing or gum surgery.

Dental Bonding and Tooth Coloured Fillings

Dr Mark has a conservative approach to fillings, only recommending fillings when absolutely necessary. Dental bonding can be used to rebuild and restore teeth with white fillings, giving you a healthy, natural looking smile.

Silver Amalgam Fillings

Silver amalgam has been used in dentistry for over one hundred years and is still a strong and reliable option for restoring posterior teeth. Dr Mark is happy to discuss the merits of different types of filling materials and place silver amalgam restorations if patients prefer.

Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Treatment is normally carried out on a dead tooth that has become infected or is causing severe pain. The treatment aims to treat the infection and stabilize the tooth in order to prevent future infections. Usually following root canal treatment, the tooth will need to be restored with a large filling or crown.
Although Root Canal Treatment is lengthy and complex, modern techniques and equipment have made the procedure efficient, providing for a more comfortable experience.

Teeth Whitening and Bleaching

There are various causes of tooth discolouration and various ways in which your smile can be made whiter, brighter and more natural in appearance.
Dr Mark can assess the colour and appearance of your teeth and recommend what treatments are suitable for you.
Our practice generally doesn’t recommend over the counter and online bleaching products or teeth whitening procedures performed by untrained individuals in beauty salons and shopping centres. These can be ineffective or potentially dangerous if the provider does not understand the science behind the product and/or have knowledge of your individual dental condition.

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Crowns, Bridges, Porcelain Veneers and Onlays

In providing crowns, bridges, veneers and onlays, Dr Mark’s general philosophy is one of preservation of tooth structure for the longevity of the restoration and your teeth.
We provide a full range of “indirect” restorations which usually involve taking a impression of your teeth to have a porcelain restoration fabricated in a dental laboratory.
These restorations are designed to fit accurately over your prepared tooth in order to restore it to a natural appearance and normal function.
Our practice is proud to only use high quality Australian dental laboratories where we can trust the quality of the materials used and workmanship provided to create your new tooth/teeth. We don’t send cases to cheap overseas laboratories.

Implant replacement of missing teeth

Dental implants have become the treatment of choice for the replacement of missing or severely broken down teeth.
The replacement of missing teeth can be important to restore function and appearance, prevent movement of neighbouring teeth, maintain bone structure and reducing the load on the remaining teeth.
There are numerous types of dental implants and implant restorations. Dr Mark can discuss options and advise you on what is suitable for your situation.
The process will usually involve a thorough assessment of your mouth and dental needs, placement of an implant or implants (if appropriate), a healing period (called osseointegration, usually 10 – 12 weeks), impressions and final restoration with an implant crown or bridge.

Extractions and Wisdom teeth removal

Dr Mark has a special interest and vast experience in extractions both simple and complicated.
This experience will often result in a difficult extraction made simple or a complicated case less traumatic. All extraction procedures are approached in a calm, methodical manner to help avoid unpleasant experiences.

Extraction of wisdom teeth can be assessed, and these can often be removed routinely in the dental chair under a local anaesthetic. For complex cases or for patients who prefer a general anaesthetic, a referral to a specialist Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon can be arranged.

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Dental Emergencies, Pain Relief and Dental Trauma

If you are suffering from severe toothache, have broken a front tooth or have been involved in an accident, our practice will try our best to have you seen as soon as possible.
We usually reserve an appointment in our schedule for such situations, but to be seen on the day, it is best to try to call us early in the day.

Children’s Dentistry

Our practice has various strategies for managing and treating our youngest dental patients. A large emphasis is placed on prevention of dental disease and developing good habits at a young age.
Our practice’s philosophy in treating children is to provide a positive experience by keeping a positive attitude and taking time to build up trust and rapport with the patient. This enables your child to feel calm and relaxed about visiting the dentist and having procedures carried out. Great care is taken in the type of language used to discuss the dental visit with children.
Usually with parental support and patience, even the most anxious or resistant child can be treated successfully.

Sports Mouthguards

Custom fitted sports mouthguards are the best way to protect your teeth and supporting structures when participating in sports that involve risk of contact to the face. These include football, soccer, basketball, netball, hockey, cricket, squash, boxing, martial arts, BMX/mountain bike riding and skateboarding.
The mouthguard is vacuum formed on a model made from an impression of your mouth. The mouthguard should fit snuggly over your teeth to ensure it is comfortable to wear, will not dislodge during play and have the best chance of absorbing the forces of any knock to the face.

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Night splints and Anti-snoring Devices

Various devices can be made to be worn during sleep.
Occlusal splints or night splints can worn to help to reduce damage to teeth and jaw joints caused by grinding of teeth during sleep (nocturnal bruxism).

Anti-snoring devices can be made to help reduce snoring. These devices can sometimes help patients suffering from sleep apnea. However, a consultation with a sleep physician is always recommended.

Specialist referral

Even though Dr Mark is an experienced general dentist, there will be some cases that require management by a dental specialist. Our practice refers to a range of dental specialists depending on the type of case and preferred location.

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