Continuing Professional Development – Keeping up to date with the latest dental research and techniques

March 2017

After more than 20 years practising as a dentist, it is easy to become set in one’s ways. But dentistry is constantly changing with new techniques, new materials and a plethora of research to keep up to date with. Dr Lester Mark has a passion for continuing education and believes in life long learning, having been a member of the ADA (Vic Branch) Continuing Professional Development Committee for more than 10 years.

“Attending courses allows one to see and hear how some of our local, national and international experts in dentistry practise. The latest research and improvements in patient care are things that can be brought back and implemented in our own clinics.”

Dr Mark recently attended a program “Red Flags Day – How to recognise and avoid common pitfalls in clinical dentistry”. Six specialists in their field shared their experience on┬ácommon difficult situations that arise in dental practice and how to manage them. These included dealing with cracked teeth, coping with difficult extractions, cosmetic problems relating to the gums, restoring broken down teeth and communicating with the anxious patient. It certainly was an enlightening day.

The 2017 Australian Dental Congress will be held in May in Melbourne. Dr Mark will be attending and is looking forward to three and a half days of what should be cutting edge dental education with many local and international speakers attending.

Continuing Professional Development



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